The one feather tale of Ms. Gertrude McFuzz


There are a lot of things that I don’t understand and football is one of them. Every fucking time there is a game, all of my Facebook feed is how excited people are about the panthers. 

So last night I binged and today I acted on every symptom in the history of ever. All I have had today was a spoonful of cottage cheese and spinach leaves. Today for dinner I pretended like I had plans with a friend and hid in my car for a few hours and got a car wash. All to avoid quesadillas.


I am really conflicted about my ED today. My logic wants recovery and my ED wants to be thin

so my
mind is too crazy for words 


I do love and respect all of you but no, I will not take pictures of myself so you can see my weight and how I look. I know you mean well but taking pictures just so you can look at my body, even if it is for see concern does not make me feel comfortable. Asking any woman to take pictures of her body so you can see her weight is degrading. If you want to see me that bad then come on support day but oh no wait, you won’t. If you want to see me at 112 pounds you gotta make the effort babe. Spoiler alert I look the exact same soo never ask me that question again


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