Telephone Hour


Hey Babes

So, I am not talking about anybody who has this link but I am going to share a pet peeve from someone who has an ED that people who don’t have EDs do. If you know someone has an eating disorder and you have assumptions, ask them. I promise you, you would benefit from asking. Don’t tiptoe around us, if we want to lie to you we will, but for the most part we will probably be honest. So if you want to ask questions, then ask. 

If you know someone has an eating disorder, why the hell would you talk about how big you are? I have no idea what I look like so when I get comments, I feel like it is a lie because I can’t see what you do. Not only that, we judge what others look like but normally in good ways. I have one friend who I know for a fact weighs more than me and is my same height, but I am so obsessed with being thinner than her because I look like a cow beside her and I want to be her thin so so so bad. So when you say those comments, especially if you are a female, that is insanely triggering. Please, love your body. Hating your body can leave you into hell. 

If you know somebody has an eating disorder, fucking support us. Allow us to have setbacks, celebrate our wins, if we are upset don’t say but you are thin because we won’t believe you and it will shut us down. Being thin isn’t the main issue, wanting it is just a symptom.

Treat me like I am 21, not like I am 16. I have a disorder not a maturity issue.


I have a lot of big decisions to make within the next two days and I am very overwhelmed because I feel like what I want will lead me to a dead end but what I need will lead me to more hell, so I am stuck. Thank you for the support you have given me the past few days. I think about you all often and I am lucky to have y’all in my life. 



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