Dear Cunt


I sincerely want to send out a special and personal fuck you. Fuck you for lying and creating aspects of my eating disorder that don’t fucking exist. Fuck you for publicly humiliating me in front of the only people that I had and making me feel unsafe where I slept. Do you know what I fucking do when I take a shower at night? I actually bathe. I don’t purge, especially FOUR FUCKING HOURS ago I have eaten in a small drain. Im just going to put this out there and I’m not trying to be pro ana right now, but my eating disorder knows better than to purge on chocolate and to purge after the calories have been digested. That’s a rookie mistake and I’m better than that. I have no problem telling anybody how often I starve myself and purge, thank you very much, you don’t need to tell people that for me. Fuck you for making my living situation hell. Do you know how violating it feels to have everything you own be flipped and searched on a daily basis? It’s belittling and has affected my recovery because although I am thousands of miles away from you, I still feel like I have to hide the food I have eaten and I’m always paranoid and anxious because of the fucking lies you put in my head.

Secrets keep you sick, right bitch?

Stop all the things that you are doing and look around to see that everyone isn’t following the breadcrumbs you are laying down on this trail of bullshit.


The only person who stuck up for you and comforted you when everyone found out

If I ever see you, I’ll be kind as fuck but Joby will attack. Beware.


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