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Basically Sums it up


I know I should be writing on here more but for what it’s worth I have about fifty drafts of posts that I don’t post. I have all these ideas for things to write but by the time I type paragraph three or four I get so angry at myself that I can’t finish.
Quick update for you. I’m still rocking my Hanukkah sweater and summer can’t stop me. I graduate college in December. I’m still not doing too hot and for the most part the people that need to know already do. I’m pretty sure this summer will go down in history as the worst summer ever by nobody’s fault but my own mind. Im dating somebody sorta kinda maybe. I’m not happy about it, I was at first and now I’m over it. It’s actually annoying, I feel like I have justifiable reasons on why not to date him but everyone around me is so obsessed with the idea about me finding a good guy that my legit concerns are just translated as I’m distancing myself. But mainly I don’t want to be touched, the idea of it seems great but I feel so uncomfortable. My best friend is moving away and I’m terrified because this will bring my ED to a whole new level. As of two weeks ago, I officially returned my Fitbit. I miss my dad more than I ever thought was humanly possible. Yesterday I found all these playlist he made for when he was going through chemo and when I listen to the songs it feels like he is there. It’s amazing. And my nephew is all kinds of adorable.  So is my dog.
I feel like he understands me 

So there it is. All the things that I’ve written paragraphs about summed up in one run along paragraph. Trying to make things smaller is kinda what I’m known for. 

See what I did there?

Like I said, I apologize for my absence on this site. It feels sinful to write negative things on a recovery site so I don’t post most of them.

Until next time stay hydrated, celebrate America, watch breaking bad and find a unicorn